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Bicycle Beach Cruiser Seat Upholstery General Lee


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Bicycle Beach Cruiser Seat Upholstery General Lee.  his beach cruiser seat upholstery is the General Lee design with orange top and  the rebel flag on the front and the 01 on top in black and white with black trim and black sides.  The pictures may appear lighter than the actual color due to the flash of the camera.  Color match your bicycle or get your favorite color or design. This is the real bicycle seat upholstery, at less than the price it cost for a elastic or draw string cover. Why pay for just a cover that has a draw string or elastic on it that just keeps slipping off every time. These are made from either a marine vinyl or naugahyde vinyl, or a mix of both,  These will fit the adult size beach cruiser seat for adults, and the children size would have to be made cause it is a inch smaller in both directions.  These will also fit the Huffy and the Genesis model bicycle. These are a stretch to fit and can be secured with either a hot glue gun, spray contact adhesive or a air stapler for that professional look. They come in many colors and color combinations, to choose from. Instructions will be furnished with each purchase. starting with the common tools that you will need from tear down to completion and step by step instructions. Custom orders are always welcomed here at lxm boutique. Just send email with your special request to